Waiting for the Whale to Surface

31 Aug 2023

This week we came across an analogy that related monetary policy to dead whale spotting… That’s right, central bank directors and fishermen have more in common than we ever could have imagined.

2023 Federal Budget Highlights

31 Mar 2023

The federal budget was released March 28th. Here are the highlights from an investment standpoint.

Capitalizing on China Reopening

03 Mar 2023

At OUTLOOK 2023, one of our major trends for the year ahead was the reopening of the Chinese economy. The country’s zero-COVID policies have been easing over the last few months and the rapid reopening has meant that the world’s second-largest economy is finally back to business.

The Positives of Increasing Rates

14 Feb 2023

Over the last year and a half, we have experienced one of the fastest upward revisions of interest rates in a lifetime. Never has the Bank of Canada’s Policy Rate increased from effectively nothing to 4.5% in one year, the most aggressive economic tightening in decades.

Burst Bubbles & Changing Narratives

10 Feb 2023

When the market falls in love with a new narrative there are always significant winners and losers. The increase in prices of equities or markets at the center of the new narrative can be parabolic with investors concentrating on one area.

CLSA 2022

09 Nov 2022

Learn more about what we took away from a variety of independent business, academic and political experts that were featured at this year's CLSA.