We focus on the future, not just the next quarter.

We utilise serious inquiry and practiced research methods, together with an informed worldview.

Active Portfolio Management

Our strategy stands on the belief that active management wins outright over passive techniques. Our approach to portfolio management is holistic, using the time-tested principles of value investing, applied on a global basis.

We strategically underweight the asset classes and sectors where capital is plentiful, prices are rich, and the expected return is not in accord with the risk. Similarly, we overweight assets where capital is scarce, prices are cheap and there is less risk relative to the expected return.

Our Research

We are an independent firm, and we are independent thinkers. Our unique outlook is created by rigorous analytical research along with many years of experience and continual exploration.

Keeping a keen eye on activity all over the world informs our daily activity. At times, we gain first-hand knowledge by putting our own feet on the ground to get the story straight.

Our goal is to proactively identify macro trends early and imagine the future for possible investment. Once identified, we apply an exacting process that develops naturally, uncovering possible profit, and also passes our Environmental, Social and Governance criteria.

SANDSTONE continues to impress us with, at times, unorthodox insights, while offering solutions and results. When they say, 'thinking outside the box', they mean it. 

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