Building confidence through a solid foundation.

Experience, knowledge, and a philanthropic desire to make your foundation a success.

SANDSTONE'S experienced team, and unique reporting aligns your foundation's mission, goals, and granting priorities with investment objectives, maximizing both capital and grants.


So, you have noticed a social need that has not been met and have decided to begin a charitable foundation. Alternatively, you have an existing Foundation and would like an experienced team managing your investment strategies and reporting. These ideas share one thing in common: they want to do good things.

Your idea is worthy, and we would like to support your Board and Investment Committee.

We understand the inherent challenges new and existing foundations face. By working closely with our clients, applying our philanthropic experience, and providing investment solutions with clear, salient reporting, we build a unique approach to successfully position your foundation's mission and goals.

We start from wherever you are - at the beginning when you need things like mandate clarification, or down the line when you want more members involved.


Innovative knowledge and existing experience allow our team to screen new foundation possibilities with a thorough round of questions, facilitating a path to success.

Of course, we assist in answering all questions. SANDSTONE's goal is to make your charitable idea a reality and build on it to ensure a successful deployment. Our questions outline a board's responsibilities, including knowing where the foundation will place charitable donations, and how everything will stay legal and organized under the board's management and SANDSTONE's guidance.

The questions you and your SANDSTONE team review and answer together effectively cement your foundation's mission, goals, and success.

Examples of foundation-building questions here.


We make annual decisions easier with dynamic reporting and a unique Capital Maintenance Index (CMI). A CMI provides clear and salient points, making progress easy to monitor and understand.

A dynamic report, including a CMI, is built with the target return, along with associated bands, so that a foundation's board members can form judgements about investment and granting decisions.

Establishing return and clearly tracking progress with a CMI instill confidence in a foundation's board, providing increased focus on grant allocation and charitable efforts.

You can find CMI details and example chart here.


Before making any decisions, we require clients to participate in a variety of discussions, interviews, and exploratory exercises which allow both parties to determine the suitability of fit. At this stage, we present your Policy Statement which summarizes our discussions and our understanding of both your investment and personal requirements along with service requirement and cost. We will refer to this Policy throughout the process of managing the portfolio, ensuring that we provide suitable advice and management.

Your Policy covers the guidelines we will use for the actual construction of your portfolio, including quality issues, allowable ranges in the various asset classes, as well as guidelines outlining probabilities on rates of return.

In structuring your portfolio, we will use a sophisticated and personal approach to the allocation process. We combine an optimization process with your objectives and preferences to devise a comprehensive guideline to achieve your capital preservation and growth goals.


Our investment approach is a marriage of leading-edge technology and time-tested, traditional portfolio management principles. As a majority of your investment performance is directly dependent on asset allocation - both geographical and sectoral - our overall micro and macro strategic focus starts here.

Research Snapshot

  • Independent research process
  • Strategic asset allocation, correlation and rebalancing
  • Ongoing, informative investment insights from a portfolio strategist
  • How to properly structure your portfolio and meet your objectives


It all starts with a conversation about your charitable goals. Reach out to our team, and we will have a conversation that will build your confidence and put your foundation on the path to success.

We have the tools, aptitude, experience, and desire to provide solutions and create opportunities for your foundation's unique ambitions.

Please contact us to start your conversation and obtain further information.

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.

Albert Pike, 1809


Insightful conversation awaits.

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We meet quarterly with one or more of your board members while continuing to be active with our strategy, research, and advice. You will also receive our annual OUTLOOK presentation delivered privately, and customised for issues particular to foundations.

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