Our selective screening process ensures client confidence.

Making a match with us means getting to know each other. We will ask you a range of questions, and be sure to answer all of yours. An arrangement of discussions is important when ensuring we are a perfect fit before signing an agreement.

Investment and Reporting

Our discretionary money managers are licensed portfolio managers with full fiduciary responsibility. Held well above industry standards, equivalent to your personally tailored Investment Policy Statement.

Your investments will be in both public and private markets. In keeping with our philosophy, we make investments we believe can have a positive impact on both people and profit.

Personalised reports deliver exactly what you need. We provide multi-currency information with clear and concise tax reporting while upholding the highest confidentiality. Your accountants will appreciate the added effort.


Take advantage of opportunities normally restricted to foundations, pensions, and endowments. You will have access to hedging strategies and diversification of geography, sector, and style. Including:

  • Exposure to developed and emerging markets
  • Lower trading costs per dollar of investment
  • Weekly entrance and exit opportunities
  • Dividend reinvestment plan


Remove the challenge of cross-professional communication with Simplified Tax Reporting: Income, Return on Capital, Dividends and Capital Gain/Loss are all consolidated and reported annually.


Every decision matters. As you change and the world develops, we keep our thinking fresh and focused on your long-term objectives. We understand multi-generational wealth and can uncover and mitigate any potential issues in your current plan.

We also act as a hub for all your consultants. Working transparently in collaboration with your full roster of advisors. Bringing everything needed into one place, so you can rest assured your wealth is managed appropriately.

For more information, read Beyond Basic.


Best decisions are made when all information is at hand. If your entire wealth picture is scattered from income generation to spending controls, it can take extra work to maintain your plan. Let us help with decision-making and simplifying the view.

When considering your tax management, we can save you money, time, and hassle. We achieve this by coordinating with every member of your expert team, making certain all counsel is adequate and properly consolidated.

I love that SANDSTONE coordinates everything for me with no extra fee. They really do offer a full suite.

Private client


Insightful conversation awaits.

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Who are your clients?

Our clients are international, high-net-worth individuals and families. They are seeking not only protection and growth for their wealth but also our active, unique investment strategy and community-minded philosophy.

How are you paid for your services?

Our fee is a percentage of assets under our purview. 

How do I get started?

Give us a call. We will get together and see if we both feel there is a potential fit. If so, we will have additional in-depth discussions to determine our next steps.

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