Your family and your values deserve protection.

Beyond investing, we support your long-term vision by coordinating with all subject matter experts, increasing alignment and convenience.

Protecting Your Family’s Future

Managing your family's assets and maintaining the spirit that created the wealth takes strategic planning and active management. We will steward your goals and guide your family in making intelligent choices.

What we provide: We grant your family access to personal education for other generations or family members, and our expert counselling on everything from the next move in the family business to cross-border tax issues.

What we harmonise: We do not replace your other financial professionals. Rather, we work alongside them. Coordinating your entire network of subject matter experts to make the best use of everyone's skill. While minimising the potential complexity due to professional silos. If you need something more, and we are unable to provide the service ourselves, we will engage the best person for the job on your behalf.

It’s good to have money where my family has money, it makes the generational transition flow easily.

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How often will we meet?

That is entirely up to you. During our first year together, we like to meet every quarter. After that, we can agree on what is best for you. Of course, we will offer our thoughts when the world is shifting, and you are welcome to reach out at any time.

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