The need for genuine engagement and informed discussion has never been greater.

Engaging speakers, contentious issues, and lively discussion. That's CONNECTS.



CONNECTS came into being in 2004, the year that SANDSTONE Asset Management was founded. From the outset, Sharon and Brent shared an exceptional commitment to enhancing not only the lives of their clients and colleagues but also their community as a whole.

In the wake of the terrible events of 9/11, they were convinced that a balanced, informed debate on societal issues of importance was almost impossible. Polarization was accelerating, media commentary was distorted, and reasonable discussion had evaporated. In an effort to bring a variety of perspectives to the table, they set out to find some of the very best people on the planet who could address the most contentious issues of our times – not to change opinion, but rather, to offer alternative points of view to inform our decision-making processes.

Their dedication to this undertaking has attracted leading speakers from across the globe. From Romeo Dallaire’s stunning discussion of genocide in Rwanda, to Sir Kenneth Robinson’s elucidation on creativity and innovation; from Jonathan Taplin’s expose of unregulated monopolies to Julia Dhar’s collaboration with the University of Calgary Debating Society to inspire us “to live in fragments no longer” – these superb guests have exemplified the possibilities, and reminded us of the urgency, of choosing to become more involved in the world around us.

The need for genuine engagement and informed discussion has never been greater. We live in a world where news media is largely controlled, and the internet exacerbates our tendency towards confirmation bias. Everyone is angry and at odds with each other, stymying efforts to confront pressing universal problems. Cohesive, thoughtful action on the part of us all is required. As Robert Johnson reminded us at our CONNECTS evening in 2013, we do not want to be seen as the “hollow men and women” who failed to address the challenges of our times.






2023 - Neil Howe

The Fourth Turning Is Here

2022 - Julia Dhar

How to Have Constructive Conversations

2019 - Julia Dhar

Live In Fragments No Longer

2018 - Frank Luntz

Words that Work: Moved by Hidden Strings

2017 - Jonathan Taplin

Sleeping Through a Revolution

2016 - David Roberts

The Power of the Bystander

2015 - Glenn Greenwald

Panopticon: Democracy at the Crossroads

2014 - Michael Sandel

Ethics in Exponential Times

2013 - Robert Johnson

The Longevity of Bad Ideas

2012 - Allan Gregg

The Erosion of Trust

2011 - Ian Goldin

Humanity at the Crossroads

2010 - Adora Svitak

What Adults Can Learn From Kids

2009 - Dan Gardner

The Science and Politics of Fear

2008 - Sir Ken Robinson

Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative

2007 - Alastair Crooke

Recognizing Resistance

2006 - Norm Stamper

Wage War on Crime, Not Drugs

2005 - Arnaud de Borchgrave

Consider the Source: Accountability and Influence in the Media

2004 - Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Romeo Dallaire

Canada's Humanitarian Role in World Affairs

I just love it when someone encourages you to think differently.

- Private Client, after CONNECTS event


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