Digital health is focused on more than treatment

Two concepts we've been talking about for years finally rose to the top in terms of prominence at the show: aging in place and value-based health. In both concepts, we see technology bridging the gap between what is necessary from a care standpoint and what the existing system can handle. We see innovation being driven by insurers as they try to find ways to minimize health payouts by incentivizing preventative health.

New interactive models of healthcare were being demonstrated that put the responsibility for care into the hands of the patient. Its important to note that regulation and privacy issues are still not resolved. But MedTech is pushing innovation forward despite all the existing hurdles.

5G will be a huge leap forward - but the waiting is hard

Niki was able to experience the entire 5G ecosystem - the backbone of "IoT to the max" that will include autonomous transportation, virtual reality, sports technology and digital so much more. Again, it became clear that innovation is being limited right now as the world races to get 5G into place. Think back to before smart phones...there was a lot of talk in the years leading up to 3G about how smart phones would change the world. And yet, it wasn't until 3G and 4G were in place that mobile connectivity really started to take hold. With 5G here, the next decade of digital innovation is starting.

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CES 2019