Not your typical annual report.

OUTLOOK provides our wholly independent interpretation on the state of the world markets while including guidance on investment strategies. We promise you will leave invigorated and inspired.


It's not just a new year, but a new decade. And in keeping with the times, this will be our first fully-digital OUTLOOK event. No paper invites. No hard-copies of the OUTLOOK books. Everything you need for the evening and for the coming year will be either emailed to you or provided on our website.

Come hear from SANDSTONE's Chief Investment Strategist where she will discuss how our long-term themes may impact investments in 2020. Insightful conversation awaits.


  • Global uncertainties, transitions, and the developments in the world we live in.
  • The changing landscape of disruptive technology, data integration, mobility and exponential growth.
  • Key segments poised for long-term growth. Global transitions that will shape the trajectory of the markets and create thematic opportunities.
  • Global challenges and uncertainties that will be faced in the coming year. Secular trends that are developing, which are yet to come, and which are fading.


The preservation and growth of our client's portfolio is our number one focus.

Calgary Tower

The Outlook presentation was spot on, making me feel confident moving forward through the present coronavirus/oil crash.

Fred Nipp


Insightful conversation awaits