Youth Central is a local Calgary organization that provides youth the opportunity to volunteer, serve on steering committees, voice their opinions to business leaders and politicians, learn about the diversity in their community, serve on a youth foundation and develop citizenship skills. This year, we at Sandstone were fortunate enough to sponsor the Art & Culture Award presented yearly by Youth Central. A survey, commissioned by the Department of Canadian Heritage, found that two-thirds of Canadians surveyed said that they think that arts and cultural events play a significant role in their own and their families' quality of life, and an astounding 92% said that they feel that arts and culture make communities better places to live.

The Youth of Distinction Awards (YODA) recognizes deserving youth, 12-18 years of age or still in high school, for the remarkable ways in which they have chosen to live. The awards are not academic, rather, they focus on leadership, friendship, overcoming personal challenges and community service. The youth in these programs also plan and emcee the entire ceremony for the winners, allowing them once again hone the skills they have learned.

We would like to congratulate Jaityn LaBelle on winning the 2022 Youth Central Arts & Culture Award. 

We believe strongly that encouraging young artists is of great value. Tapping into the arts offers a pathway for all people to access their deepest and most authentic selves and provides them with a creative outlet for expression and reflection. 

Youth Central

2022 Youth of Distinction Award Winners


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