US Currency Dominance: Global Reserve Currency and SWIFT

01 Mar 2022

Alternative payment networks (gold, digital, etc.) already exist, and new, parallel financial and currency systems are being created to rival the traditional US dollar system.

Investing in Blockchain Technology

02 Dec 2021

Sandstone is investing in everything from the material that the blockchain technology requires, to the picks-and-shovels that are required to build it, to the payments systems that use it.

2021 Federal Budget Highlights

20 Apr 2021

As expected, the Federal budget released yesterday was an election budget. It was a budget with not too many specifics, although large funding was promised for a variety of areas.

Is Bitcoin An ESG Problem?

10 Mar 2021

The electricity consumed by bitcoin annually is equivalent to the energy needed to provide over 13% of Canada's annual energy needs.

Modern Monetary Theory: The Magic Money Tree

22 Dec 2020

What is MMT? And what are the implications of it in the US?

Bitcoin: From Notoriety to Acceptance

19 Nov 2020

The year was 2009. The event was OUTLOOK. Our theme was Creative Destruction.