A New World Order: Global or Tribal?

SANDSTONE joins leading economic and societal thought-leaders in examining the foundations of our world and mapping the forces of change defining our global direction, disorder, and opportunity.

The Global Business Forum (GBF) is an independent, not-for-profit corporation. The Forum provides an opportunity for over 200 prominent invited international business executives, academics and government leaders to discuss and debate crucial global economic issues.

Held annually in Banff, this forum marks the GBF's 17th event. SANDSTONE'S CEO Sharon Watkins and President Brent Pickerl, join hundreds of business leaders, academics, economists and authors from around the world to discuss this year's theme; A New World Order: Global or Tribal? Sharon has been actively involved with the GBF's advisory board for several years, assisting in GBF's thematic basis and speaker decisions.

2017 Theme - A New World Order: Global or Tribal?
Ideological chasms fracture international alliances forged in World Wars. One-time enemies are treated as friends, and friends as trade pirates. America steps back while emerging powers arm. The wash of desperate migrants shows little abatement. A once boastful caliphate leaves cities and lives in ruin. Screen time dominates wake time. Privacy is cherished yet personal data is surrendered willingly. Contradictions abound, as facts evaporate in the barrage of post-truth emotion.

The 2017 GBF examines how the global wash of technology, trade, economics and politics are crashing against the self-interest of self-states - A New World Order: Global or Tribal?

The Forum
The GBF is designed to encourage a broad expression of views and discussion from all guests.

GBF's Honourary Patron is The Honourable Lois E. Mitchell, CM, AOE, LLD - Lieutenant Governor of Alberta.

Forum Session Topics include

  • Shifting Alliances - Who trusts who? Nations swing from shared purpose to chaotic diplomacy.
  • Is there a new North American order? - Resetting trade and cooperation, from free trade to Buy American.
  • The Future of Europe - Have cooperation and common goals reached their limits? 
  • Disruptive Technologies - What is next on the science and hi-tech hit list?
  • Cybersecurity and Geopolitics - Influencing votes and promoting brands, the invisible art of persuasion.
  • Change, Technology, and Innovation - An app for that, and everything, digitising life. 
  • Global Hotspots - Where are the wars and revolutions in waiting?
  • Understanding Asia - Getting China and India right

Bottom Line
There was lively debate amongst delegates on these topics and the global challenges that lay ahead. However, we have discussed many of these issues over the years in our previous OUTLOOK Booklets - including having two GBF speakers at previous CONNECTS events; Alastair Crooke in 2007 and David Roberts in 2016. Although, it is refreshing to see our previous OUTLOOK discussions brought to life by experts in the field, and in a forum where our head strategists can interact freely with questions and opinions - engaging in further understanding on critical global matters.

Overall, The Global Business Forum is, as always, an intriguing opportunity for broad discussions with industry experts on global issues.