Restoring Canadian Landscapes for the future

As a B Corp certified company committed to using our business as a force for good, at SANDSTONE Asset Management we are proud to be among the community of B Corps creating our very own old growth forest of the future; Forest B.

Forest B is an afforestation project offered exclusively to B Corp certified companies. Located on 25 hectares of Alberta’s Capital Region Biosphere, on land owned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and Alberta Fish & Game Association (AFGA), we claim our future by reforesting today.

Forest B will transform the landscape by planting 57,000 trees of varied species. We will restore fallow agricultural land into a diverse, regenerative ecosystem capable of supporting native plant and animal species.


Trees for future generations

SANDSTONE Asset Management is proud to participate in the Forest B campaign. These trees represent a regenerative investment by SANDSTONE Asset Management to restore and conserve natural landscapes in Canada, leaving a legacy for future generations.

Forest B is just one small step towards a livable planet for future generations. We are proud to be partnering with Wild + Pine and other B Corps across Canada in this collective action initiative to restore Canadian Landscapes.

Like the B Corp community, Forest B will never be cut down. Year on year, it will grow stronger and more diverse. It is our opportunity to turn our words into action, restore the land, and show the world we are serious about climate action.

Click the link if you are interested in sponsoring trees.