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Media & Marketing Manager


Experienced in editorial management, social media strategies, and successful brand activations, Liesl is a creative content strategist committed to delivering compelling campaigns that captivate audiences and drive engagement in a dynamic media landscape. With an extensive background in both online and print media, Liesl has written, edited, and curated numerous magazine issues across three publications and honed her multi-media skills in the luxury travel, architectural design, health and wellness, lifestyle, and now finance sectors. Freshly settled in Calgary from Cape Town, Liesl brings a global perspective to her craft. Her professional journey is marked by curiosity, precision, and an insatiable passion for storytelling, which she infuses with her own distinctive flair. Beyond the bustling media world, Liesl finds solace in the simple pleasures of life. When not immersed in the world of words, she can be found enjoying leisurely walks, indulging her sweet tooth at pastry shops, or chasing open skies and mountain tops (obviously while riffing the occasional rhyme).

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