Pricope Alex-031 8x10 @300CL


Operations Manager


A hands-on executive with a demonstrated capacity to lead, achieve results, and improve performance in fast-paced, multidisciplinary, and multicultural environments, Alex is a solution-oriented, collaborative leader. He has proven expertise in operations management, financial management, mergers and acquisitions, and business activity planning and execution. Alex is a synergistic figure who motivates colleagues by leading from the front with enthusiasm, integrity, and resilience. Alex manages all aspects of a growing and dynamic organization, and his practical experience across various industries has given him a unique perspective on the importance of understanding individual and community needs, defining strategy, and building relationships to advance the interests of all of SANDSTONE’s stakeholders. In his spare time, Alex enjoys water-based endeavors, either liquid (surfing, paddleboarding) or frozen (downhill and cross-country skiing), and feeding his travel addiction.

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