CLSA 2022

09 Nov 2022

Learn more about what we took away from a variety of independent business, academic and political experts that were featured at this year's CLSA.

Every Cycle Contains the Seeds of its Own Destruction

14 Oct 2022

At Sandstone we have an 80/20 rule for equity investments. Equity exposure must be made up of a minimum of 80% dividend and dividend growth companies, and a maximum of 20% growth companies.

Youth of Distinction Awards 2022

30 Sep 2022

The Youth of Distinction Awards (YODA) recognize deserving youth, 12-18 years of age or still in high school, for the remarkable ways in which they have chosen to live.

What are the duties of an executor of a will?

18 Jul 2022

Executors must make sure a will is executed just as the testator would have wanted and are tasked with many duties after a person dies. The executor role is important, and it can feel overwhelming, especially during an emotional time.

B Corp - Best for Workers 2022

13 Jul 2022

We have been recognised for our positive impact on employees.

When Tailwinds Turn to Headwinds

21 Jun 2022

For the better part of the past decade, investors have enjoyed an extraordinary loose policy experiment involving quantitative easing (“QE”) and record low-interest rates. However, this punch bowl is now slowly being taken away.