Maximizing Impact: Have You Considered a Donor-Advised Fund?

23 Nov 2023

As we hurtle towards the familiar holiday hullabaloo and year-end tax planning, looming changes to the AMT means that, come January 1st, you may no longer receive full deductions and tax credits for your charitable contributions. But perhaps there is yet another way...

SANDSTONE Wins the CPA Alberta Social Entrepreneurship Award at the 40th Small Business Awards

07 Nov 2023

The gala event, hosted annually by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, witnessed the Calgary business community coming together in droves to celebrate exceptional pioneers from every quadrant of our city. 

Taxing Generosity: How Changes to the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) May Impact Your Donations

24 Oct 2023

Do you make large donations of cash or qualifying securities as part of a tax strategy? If so, 2023 could be the last year you receive full deductions and tax credits for these charitable contributions.

Implications of the Pan-Asia Trade Pact

16 Oct 2023

On November 15th, 2020, fifteen Asia-Pacific nations signed arguably the largest free trade agreement in history, significantly reshaping traditional economic power dynamics.

FHSA Update & Changes to RESP Drawdowns

21 Sep 2023

We have two major announcements involving registered accounts here at SANDSTONE. First Home Savings Accounts will be coming later this Fall and details on the RESP Changes and Tax-Efficient Drawdowns to follow.

Waiting for the Whale to Surface

31 Aug 2023

This week we came across an analogy that related monetary policy to dead whale spotting… That’s right, central bank directors and fishermen have more in common than we ever could have imagined.

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