In December each year, we take the time to give back to our community and encourage our clients, friends, families, and other organizations to join us.  


Our involvement with the Calgary Drop-In Centre (the DI) started in 2004 and since then, we've been proud to organize some of the largest in-kind donations and raise awareness of one of the Top Impact Charities in Calgary.

Over the past 17 years, SANDSTONE and our clients have helped give:

  • 700 pairs of underwear
  • 65,000 ibuprofen tablets
  • 7,000 pairs of socks
  • 4,100 towels
  • 500 bottles of shampoo
  • 10,504 razors
  • 2,200 toothbrushes
  • 1,000 warm winter items 


This year we would like to fill their DRAWERS with UNDERWEAR!


Briefs, boxers, and long underwear are always needed by the many that use the Drop-In Centre.

Donation items can include:

  • Men's boxers & briefs (all sizes)
  • Women's undergarments (all sizes)
  • Long underwear (top and bottoms)
  • Any other warm clothing items (mitts, toques, scarves, etc.)

*All underwear must be new. Other donation items can be gently used.  

Our goal is to exceed the donation of 700 pairs of underwear that was done in the past.

Three easy ways to donate:
1. Bring your donations to SANDSTONE (115, 101 - 6th Street S.W.)
2. Arrange a pick-up for large donations
3. Make a donation and we’ll do the shopping for you

For options 2 & 3 above, please contact Joanne at 403-218-6125 to make arrangements to handle your donation. 

About the Calgary Drop-In Centre


For more than 60 years, the DI has been delivering emergency shelter, health services, community resources, and housing supports to people in need. Whether housed or unhoused, the DI is open to care for Calgary's most vulnerable.

With more than 50 different programs and services, the DI meets people wherever they are and helps get them where they want to go. Sometimes that means providing a meal or a place to sleep at night, other times it could be helping someone access government assistance or find supportive housing.

In the past three years, the DI have transformed all of their programs and services to become more housing focused. In everything they do, they envision a community where everyone can find their home.

Whatever a DI client needs, they are offered care and direction tailored to meet those needs.  Rooted in COMMUNITY and fueled by KINDNESS.

Photo credit: Calgary Drop-In-Centre

In the past year with COVID-19 still prevalent the centre was open 24/7 and was able to:
  • provide shelter to 4,416 unique individuals 
  • serve 1,500 meals a day
  • handout 190,000 donation items to those in need
  • help 358 individuals find their way home
Interesting facts about the Calgary Drop-In Centre:


  • The DI’s Free Goods Program provides low- and no-income Calgarians with much-needed items to make their house a home, as well as providing clothing throughout the year. 
  • What’s more, with all the new Canadians settling into Calgary – especially in light of international conflicts – the Free Goods Program helped 311 new Canadians start off on the right foot.
  • The DI began its housing-focused transformation back in 2017 and is closing in on helping nearly 2,000 individuals find secure housing since then.
  • It’s important to know that when you donate, it’s going directly to the cause. You can feel good about your donation to the DI — Charity Intelligence Canada confirms that 90 cents from every dollar donated goes directly to supporting those in need. Now that’s an impact!

This is just one of the ways SANDSTONE is an active part of our community. See other initiatives.