Alberta has always been one of the premier economic engines of Canada. Building great national and international companies is in our DNA. That’s what we do. But now we’re at a key turning point in our province’s history. We can go forward. Or we can stall. But we can’t go backwards.

SANDSTONE is delighted to partner with InterGen, a unique Calgary non-profit (charity) with a mission to re-energize and re-build the economics of our community by bringing long-established Calgary business leaders together with emerging entrepreneurs.

Recognizing the tremendous innovation and vision that has characterized Alberta’s business community in the past, InterGen seeks to regenerate the energy and leadership of the sector and our community as a whole to swiftly re-accelerate our currently fragile economy.

InterGen believes that the legacy of talent and dedication that characterized generations of innovative businesses and community initiatives in Alberta is alive and well in the province today. By matching up senior business leaders with emerging talent through its InterGen Connect Technology Platform, the organization not only connects talent across a diverse spectrum of age and experience, but also provides ongoing education, mentoring, and investment support. They are building a community for ambitious entrepreneurs, emerging companies, and experienced talent.

In its emphasis on engagement, collaboration, and systemic change, InterGen embodies the aspirations and reflects the values so central to SANDSTONE in its corporate and community roles: engaged, innovative, committed to advancing the interests of all citizens and the community at large.