Intelligent investing comes in many shapes and forms. How you invest during times of transition is as important as what you invest in. 



Over the past 40 years, globalization was characterized by relative geopolitical stability, free trade, supply chains designed for cost efficiency, falling interest rates driving debt-fueled growth, millions of new workers entering the global workforce, and reliable sources of energy. Combined, these factors contributed to strong disinflationary forces globally.

Times have changed! The transition from a unipolar to a multipolar world is a massive realignment in the world order. Supply chain resiliency is now a top priority. Higher interest rates will cap debt-fueled growth. National interests take priority over global cooperation.

A multipolar world will have significant implications for Currencies, Energy and Commodities, and Trade Relationships - every market will be impacted.

“In a shift of secular or long-term significance, the markets will be adapting to a new set of rules, while most market participants will still be playing by the old rules.”

~Bob Farrell

The next ten years will not resemble the previous ten years. By identifying the key trends early, we can position portfolios for the opportunities and the risks that will present themselves.


“I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation; it was masterful. It makes me pay attention to news differently.”

25+ year client

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