Looking Back to Look Forward

Record oil prices and energy earnings brought China to the front page. Currencies continued to reflect the influences of global economic rebalancing. Our Overweight calls on Energy and Japan and Underweight call on the U.S. performed well.

Our 2003 Predictions Come True

  • Global Re-balancing
    • US Dollar will decline
    • Buy Exporters
    • Overweight China and Commodities
  • High Yield Bonds - Dividends
  • Manage Risk Through Asset Allocation

1790 to Present Day

From the 1790's birth of the US Investment Markets to 1873's creation of modern-day trading hours, to 1896's ‘Black Friday', to 1978's first telephones installed on the trading floor, and wrapping up the 1700 and 1800's we reflect on the first million share day in 1886. Continuing to the 1900's, we consider the past centuries milestones, such as the NYSE's close due to World War I in 1914, to the great stock market crash of 1929, to an opulent decade of Oil & Gold in the 1970's and the "Nifty-Fifty". The list goes on as we quickly recap investment landmarks - all the way into the new Millennium.

The New Millennium

Proctor & Gamble recommended buying enough perishable goods to last three months, an incredibly profitable marketing strategy, and a lucrative investment edge.

New Year, New Rules

New SEC rules prohibit CEO's from talking freely to analysts. The upside, most analysts' meetings are now broadcast on the internet for all to see.

So Far in 2004

It was a prosperous few years for REIT's. The "Buy-and-Hold" is out, while active management is in. Moreover, finally, we look at corporate deception, how to spot it and how to manage or avoid the repercussions.