Allan Gregg

Allan Gregg is one of Canada's most respected research professionals and political analysts. In 1979, as the National Campaign Secretary, he helped lead the PC Party of Canada and Joe Clark to a victory in the Federal Election. He went on to found the polling/public relations firm, Decima Research, and became senior pollster and strategist for the PC party under Brian Mulroney. He has played critical roles in the outcomes of the 1984, 1988, and 1993 elections and participated in over 50 central election campaigns on three continents.

Gregg was instrumental in bringing negative campaigning to Canada and promoted its use in various elections. Decades later, he strongly denounced its use saying that it would destroy politics as we know it and "invite totally unaccountable forces" to "influence society without the countervailing force of representative democracy".

Allan Gregg is also the founder of the Strategic Counsel, chair of Harris/Decima, host of TVO's "Allan Gregg in Conversation with (Guest Name)", He also co-founded the Management Trust which oversees the music careers of The Tragically Hip, Sass Jordan, and Adam Cohen. He was also past-president of the Toronto International Film Festival, the Walrus Foundation and one of the founders of YTV.

Please join us to hear Allan Gregg address how the assault on reason has led to the erosion of trust.

This is not an agenda that calls for complacency, inaction, or timorousness. In fact, without bold and innovative ideas to tackle these problems, our nation will inevitably drift and then decline, and trust in the public sphere will surely erode even further.

Allan Gregg