Strategic Investment Conference 2022

This was the third consecutive all-virtual conference and while we miss meeting other conference attendees and the thoughtful discussions that arise, it was still great to listen to some of the

Who are Enduring Powers of Attorney & Personal Directives?

In most provinces, there are two types of incapacity planning documents that are prepared alongside a will as part of a comprehensive estate plan—one to cover financial decisions (Enduring Power of

Why do I need a will?

why do I need a will? Having a will in place is an important step for your estate plan but the set-up process can be overwhelming. We outline below the basics of a will and encourage you to set up

Taking advantage of the 1% Prescribed Interest Rate before July 1, 2022

Since the fall of 2020, Canadians have been able to benefit from a 1% prescribed interest rate, providing a significant opportunity to split income with a spouse or common-law partner, or other

The bottom is the day before the recovery begins. Thus, it's absolutely impossible to know when the bottom has been reached...ever. We buy when we can access value cheap.

Howard Marks



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