Currency Manipulators

02 Oct 2019

The strong US dollar has led to the US to label China as a “currency manipulator”. Justifiable or is it everyone?

CLSA 2019

27 Sep 2019

Learn more about what we took away from a variety of independent business, academic and political experts that were featured at this year's CLSA.

A Russian Perspective On Geopolitics, Gold, Brics, And De-Dollarization

28 Mar 2019

Sanctions, restrictions and trade tariffs are often rooted in the politics and policies of the US dollar.

An Important Day for Canada Trade

31 Dec 2018

On December 30, 2018 the first 6 of 11 countries ratified the new CPTPP agreement giving Canada access to key markets in Asia and Latin America.

Global Market Opportunities

30 Nov 2018

Even with two 10% corrections in the S&P 500 in 2018, the performance disparity between the US market and the rest of the world markets remains high.

If Not SWIFT, Then What?

06 Nov 2018

As another wave of US sanctions against Iran is imposed, more countries are looking for alternatives to SWIFT.