Hard to believe it’s been 15 years already. There are so many people we’d like to thank for reaching this milestone anniversary.

Fifteen years ago, on Monday, June 14, 2004, there was a lot going on. In Calgary, in Canada, and throughout the world.

Paul Martin was serving as Canadian PM, with George W. Bush presiding over the U.S.

The most popular name for baby boys was Jacob (it’s since slipped to 21), while the girls’ equivalent was Emma (soaring still in the Number Two spot).

Calgarians or Canadian hockey fans, in general, will recall that infamous Saturday, June 5th, 2004, and the gut-wrenching loss for the Calgary Flames in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals (dubbed as the 'Gelina's Phantom No-Goal')—and listed as Number 2 in Bleacher Report’s Five Most Controversial Goals in NHL Playoff History.

June 14, 2004, also happened to be the day Sandstone Asset Management opened its doors.

Primed and ready to serve our clients.

Proud to introduce our brand-new wealth management company to the Calgary marketplace.

Fifteen years later, we’re prouder than ever.

And terrifically appreciative.

And eternally grateful—for you, our long-time loyal clients; grateful for the incredible opportunities we’ve been granted along the way. And, so very thankful for the growth and security we’ve been able to cultivate, structure, and provide our client families with, since those humble beginnings.

We’re also immensely appreciative of our growing team of people who, together, each business day, combine their strengths and market savvy to manage clients’ wealth—and collaborate and prognosticate on the state of the world, comparing notes, throwing out a few zingers (often contrarian) crunching the numbers, mitigating risk, balancing portfolios and, most importantly, having an absolute blast doing it all.

It’s truly rewarding to reflect on just how much you have each contributed to Sandstone’s longevity, our day-to-day success, our commitment to community initiatives, and our holistic business model and philosophy regarding growth, safety, and permanence—the core attributes of Sandstone.

Sharon Watkins, CEO & Co-Founder

Caring communities

From the start, community stewardship has been one of Sandstone’s cornerstone core values. In this respect, there’ve been many milestones and achievements—a chief one being the success of our annual fall Connects speaker series that’s as old as we are! This coming October, in fact, will mark our 16th annual Connects event.

Where’d the time go?

Hard to believe it’s been 15 years already.

“There are so many people we need to thank for reaching this milestone anniversary,” says Sharon Watkins, Sandstone CEO and Co-Founder, noting it would have been next to impossible to achieve “this echelon of success” without her clients’ unfaltering support.

We’re excited to see what’s next in the 15 years ahead!

Sandstone Team