Taking time to research and look for connections between seemingly unrelated world events, economic shifts, and cultural movements is probably the most important part of investing. Carving out time for asking big questions weekly keeps us ahead of the curve.

Curious man thinking about the news

So what's got us thinking? Lots. And in the next four installments of INSIGHT, I'm going to share what's sparking our curiosity, what we're talking about around Sandstone, and what world issues are raising questions in all of our minds.

Telling you about our questions isn't nearly as interesting to me as having conversations with you. So we invite you to read the INSIGHT articles and use them to spark your own thoughts, questions, and conversations. Challenge me. Raise new questions. Bring your insight and perspective. Conversation is what will make our collective perspective grow. Conversation fuelled by research will keep us all ahead of the curve.  

It's all part of Sandstone's larger goal: to proactively identify macro trends early and imagine the future for possible investment. And we want you to be a part of that.

Sharon Watkins