B Corp Inspiration
12 Sep 2017

B Corp: Business Sustainability with a Force for Good

As a B Corp, we seek to maximise the positive impact of their business, while actively seeking a regenerative economy.

B Corp is about social responsibility and environmental protection but it doesn't stop there. It is also about operating a business ethically and setting a higher standard of achievement. At SANDSTONE, monitoring global activity in search of opportunity is commonplace. While investigating diverse economies, we discovered methods for how we could assist our local community. We realized that we could serve the global community by starting right here, in Calgary. Becoming a B Corp, and inspiring other businesses to do the same, is a vital part of who we are.

Since first becoming a B Corp in 2016, SANDSTONE has been recognized as:

2017 B Corp Best for Workers

2018 B Corp Best for Workers

2019 B Corp Best for Workers

Keeping an eye on the world for lucrative opportunities will always be our top priority. Thankfully, what's good for business and good for the world can be synonymous.

Sharon Watkins

Want to know more about B Corp?

Take a look at the B Corp website. Or better yet, put your company through on online assessment to see if you are already a company that is using business as a force for good.