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Are markets reaching new highs or just market?

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How will more women in politics change the world?

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What happens when currency becomes a weapon?

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Will millennials drive emerging market growth?

With millennials making up more than one quarter of the world’s population, it’s important to understand where they are and what they’re feeling.

"Fortunes are made by buying low and selling too soon"

- Nathan Rothschild


CONNECTS 2018 - Dr. Frank Luntz



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    Early vs Late Cycle

    Comparing President Trump’s economic policies today to President Regan’s policies in the early 1980’s – supply side economics.

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    Petrodollar Alternative

    Western sanctions and tariffs are forcing countries to cooperate more strategically with China, creating the need for a genuine alternative to the current Petrodollar system.

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    Dollars fighting against oil
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    Solid Foundations

    Building Confidence Through a Solid Foundation

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    The Global Business Forum 2017

    The Forum provides an opportunity for over 200 prominent invited international business executives, academics and government leaders to discuss and debate crucial global economic issues.

    Global Business Forum 2017
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    The Haves and Have-mores

    The race to keep up with technology and put it to the most effective business use is producing digital “haves” and “have-mores.”